Zombie Makeup Contest Halloween 2010

Send in your original creations of a Zombie using only makeup by November 3rd 2010. 
The winners will receive:
1st Prize – Bloody Mary Lunch Box filled with Bloody Mary F/X Makeup
2nd Place Prize – Bloody Mary Quart of  FX Blood
3rd Place Prize – Set of signed Bloody Mary Comic Book Posters and Comic Books
Email photos to info@dearbloodymary.com
Winners will be notified first week of November 2010 and winning photos will then be posted on www.dearbloodymary.com

May is Zombie Awareness Month!

According to the Zombie Research Society (a REAL organization) the month of may has been named Zombie Awareness Month! Finally, month completely dedicated to our favorite, brain-starved monstrosities! Since May is the month in which some great zombie flicks are set – including the Night of the Living Dead (1968) and the remake of Dawn of the Dead (2004) – ZRS decided this is he perfect month to Support our undead brothers or at least support the understanding of them. The Zombie Apocalypse is coming! Wear your gray ribbons to support this momentous month of mayhem and moaning maliciously!


First Place Poster Post

The Tales of Bloody Mary: Series #1 Issue #1 poster WON FIRST PLACE at the National Haunters Convention! What a great group of guys and ghouls! (I love alliteration)


Pictures from the National Haunters Convention

Here’s what’s going on RIGHT NOW!
What a great group of haunters…

Haunting the Nation

We are ecstatic about the National Haunters Convention is this weekend – April 29– May 2 – at Valley Forge Convention Center in King of Prussia, PA! Stop by the Bloody Mary Booth #6003 and get a signed copy of the newest comic in the second series of The Tales of Bloody Mary. Also, don’t forget to register for a famous “Bloody Mary Makeup To Die For “HANDS ON” Workshop and bring a friend to work on while Bloody Mary shows you the How To’s of creating the perfect Zombie.

Go to www.nationalhauntersconvention.com/classes.htm to register for Bobbie’s Seminar. All who attend will get a Bloody Mary Zombie Makeup Kit. Stay for a group photo at the end of the workshop. Prizes for the Best Zombie Makeup!! This is sure to be a deadly good time.

Our Bloody Mary Consultant Program is UP AND RUNNING! Special thanks to everyone who signed up and for those who wish to register can contact bloodymary817@gmail.com or info@dearbloodymary.com

Bloody Mary FX Makeup Workshop Approacheth…

The long anticipated Bloody Mary FX Makeup Workshop is this weekend and we are very excited to have those last minute registrations coming in from the ads in the Dallas Morning News and Fort Worth Star-Telegram. We will be showcasing some fantastic characters: Possessed, Frozen Victim, Toxic Clown and of course, Zombie. This is an excellent opportunity for haunters, visual and theater arts students and others who are interested in learning techniques used in film and stage, to come to a 4-hour intensive workshop with a professional in the field of FX makeup. See our EVENTS page for more information and an order form. If you are interested, contact us and we’ll get you set up. Registration deadline is this Thursday, April 15th. Hope to see all you guys and ghouls out there!

Bloody Mary How To Series

 We just started a Youtube series called Bloody Mary How To. These will be updated periodically and as new products are developed. Products that have more than one use or some sort of spectacular property are placed into specialized kits perfect for making certain effects. For instance, Blood Red Mascara is a little thicker and includes an applicator that is ideal for making a slit wrist. So, we throw that in with a few black makeup crayons, stipple sponges and a bottle of thick blood and BOOM! Now you’ve got a slit wrist kit. 


Watch: Bloody Mary How To – Death Cut

New products like Concrete can be added to existing products like Monster makeup and Charcoal setting powder to make a kit for creating a living statue or Medusa victim.

Watch: Bloody Mary How To – Living Statue